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We are delighted to invite you to join us for our 10th annual Camp for The Work in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2024.

Join us for in the summer of 2024 for the 10th Annual The Camp for The Work at Millersylvania State Park in the beautiful Pacific North West. We will spend time finding freedom, peace and discovering who we are without our stressful stories. Learn a radical and simple way to question your stressful thoughts: The Work of Byron Katie and tap into your inner peace. 


Your hosts are all experienced facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie who both co-host and co-participate at this wonderful event in nature. We bring a community of people both new and experienced in The Work to share the wisdom, love and joy of inquiry together. 


Question your stressful thoughts, your old stories and your outdated belief systems, use inquiry to end your suffering and discover who you are without your story.


The camp is also a time for building community and connection - we will be outdoors for the whole event, it remains a safe gathering space. 


We will offer both whole group and partnering sessions. This event is an experience to connect to nature, both internal and external.


The camp also also includes music and dance, guided yoga and The Morning Walk.

New to the power of The Work? The Work of Byron Katie was developed in 1987 by an american woman Byron Katie following her own experience of awakening to the truth and reality of life. She has been sharing this process of inquiry called The Work ever since. The Work consists of 4 simple questions and turnarounds. It is a way to reframe and transform any stressful thought including resentments, lack of forgiveness, guilt or regret about the past, worry or fear about the future. You write your thoughts on paper, and then question them and see who you are without those beliefs. We cover the basics and hold you in this simple but radical process of liberation.


Beginner and those with prior experience in The Work Come with your beginner’s mind and drop even deeper into your truth of who you are.  

Change Your Thinking. Change The World


The Work community builds over the three days together, powerfully held in nature and we welcome you to join as we come together and share our practice and our truths with each other.



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