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"I just want to thank every single person, every facilitator that's here for helping to so lovingly loosen the grip on those beliefs and I feel like I've gotten my mind back. It's just the most liberating thing and I feel less guarded. I feel a sense of belonging wherever I'm standing."  Carolyn

"it’s a pleasure to be here. I wanted to be able to laugh and I’ve been able to do that so it’s been a joy and to feel the connection with all of you and I know the work that it takes to put on one of these workshops and the care and the effort to that and to hold this sacred space and thank you so much."  Jodi

"This is my first camp. I’m relatively new to The Work,So what I’m taking away from this camp is a much much deeper understanding of The Work and I’m a much greater facilitator than when I came here. I was very anxious and nervous about being a facilitator because I feel like I didn’t know anything. I didn’t want to let anybody down and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. So thank you to all the people who worked with me over the weekend. You contributed very significantly so thank you very much.  To echo what someone said about being out here in nature. I'd much rather be out here than in a conference center to do this level of work so thank you to everyone who organizes."  Richard
"The openness and giving attitude has been very helpful to me. The day before, I was convinced I wasn’t going to come and almost sent an email to that effect. Then I woke up on Thursday and even though I hadn’t packed, I decided I was going. So I was really glad that I came.  This morning I woke up.  I have been running away, from myself, from life, and actually last night I had a dream - myself and I were marching and there were all these treacherous places and things that we had to go through.  I was thinking this is kind of like what the mind does. it is kind of a concentration camp if we allow ourselves to be there. And in this setting, with openness and generosity of spirit, and the hosts who are holding us in this amazing place, we can get out of that torture that we do to ourselves. We can drop that and realize that it’s the complete opposite of that, that’s it’s all love."   Barbara


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