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John Aufderheide

The Work found me in 1996. At first I didn't get it; it was too simple. And then something inside clicked. There was an openness to the questions, a curiosity and a willingness to allow the answers to land. That began my journey.

I traveled through a divorce, discovering through The Work that my former wife is my teacher. I raised my son, another teacher. I used my inquiry on my parents and my upbringing with the shame, alcoholism, mental illness and suicide.

I also looked at the little things; the dirty socks and the 3 extra conditioner bottles.

All of this has lead me to an understanding: that the world - as I think it - is cruel, alienating, divisive and insane; whereas the world - as it is - is kind, amazing and supporting. The mind creates a painful world and then The Work allows me to see the illusion of it.

And so I have been doing The Work ever since. 

I attended my first Camp for The Work in 2019. It had everything I wanted: nature, community, kindness, fun and The Work. I felt completely at home. I am honored to be here.

I share The Work with others: one-on-one and in groups.



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