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Edie Thomajan

I've been practicing and sharing The Work since 2007. I became a certified facilitator in 2011. I'm a parent to two teenage boys and was a Montessori middle school teacher. I was an instructor for Outward Bound and I am passionate about experiential education.

My love of the outdoors, collaboration, and The Work combine to make the Summer Camp my favorite event. It has been so enriching to be part of such an open group of hosts who share in this vision. The relaxed atmosphere and flexibility makes it a fund and supportive time for everyone. It is a labor of love for each other, The Work and all of the joining participants.

Among the topics I have explored personally and with clients are relationships, parenting, adoption, marital hardship, as well as abortion, religion, politics, gender issues, fears, guilt and shame. I have held clients in countless subjects and I trust The Work as a clear path to self realization with any subject matter. I continue to look to my limiting beliefs as the key to open an inner peace beyond belief. 

I work with clients one-on-one, couples and groups, and I host a Portland area Meetup for The Work of Byron Katie.  I welcome people to join me at Southeast Sanctuary for The Work and Mindfulness in Portland, Oregon.



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