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Jehrin Alexandria


Before finding The Work, I was on a very disciplined spiritual path.  After 19 years of daily meditation and focused inner work, I found I still had certain thoughts that continued to bother me. I would still get furious with people who "cut me off" when driving, angry at my son if he didn't listen to me; resented my husband if he didn't help around the house, and felt unappreciated by my employers. My life was much better then when I first began my path, but underlying feelings of unworthiness, unhappiness, resentment, anger, blame and self-hatred kept arising.

After years of various painful events I was given a copy of "Loving What Is" and the "Sampler DVD of Katie doing The work. My jaw dropped. Here was the way I wanted to Action, being demonstrated by Katie.


I could feel the authenticity pouring out of Katie as I watched the DVD. I witnessed peace, love, calm and evenness in her work with others. I remember marveling at how many people felt and acted the same way that I did. I had thought I was alone, feeling unworthy, unlovable and bad, only to find I was like everyone else, simply confused, believing in my thoughts.

In 2005, I went to my first workshop with Katie and started practicing regularly. In 2009, I went to The School for the Work. It was there that I found a part of myself that was so deep, so profoundly peaceful, loving, and connected that I felt like I had finally arrived Home. This place is a beacon for me, a place to drop into and listen, it lives in my heart. As a result of the aftercare from The School, I became a facilitator of myself!

The Work gave me a sane way to address the stressful feelings and thoughts that came up. Four simple questions and turnarounds, so easy to do. I now have a place to go, a way to look at stressful thoughts sanely and kindly. 

My life has become much more loving and my relationship with my family, friends, work and disciplines have greatly improved as a result of this simple process. As an added bonus, I now experience moments of great inner peace, connection and an overall feeling of well-being and safety. I have not found a situation, when applied, where The Work does not work. 

I have been a professional ballerina, dance instructor, certified hypnotherapist, massage therapist, and exercise/studio business owner. Currently I am a facilitator of The Work and run workshops, Meetups and work weekly with clients. I am also a director of an arts organization, professor at a university and hold an MFA in Performance Creation and somatic studies. I do love to eat, play, sing and travel with my family.


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