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Our vision for the camp each year is to have a fun, relaxed and inclusive opportunity for both participants and facilitators to immerse into The Work of Byron KatieTM .In a beautiful natural setting. 

Here are some of your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Camp

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Can I drive and bring my car? 

Yes.  We have a set number of parking spots for all campers at the campsite. You are able to park easily. 

Do you offer carshare / ride connections? 

No.  We ask all campers to find their own way to the the campsite.  If you wish to connect with other campers you can find them on the facebook group

Can I bring my pet? 

No.  We do not encourage animals to be at the Camp, basically because they will take you away from your work and as much as you love your animal, not everyone is so inclined.   If you have a problem leaving your pet at home, and would miss the camp otherwise,  then only if your dog is extremely well-behaved, will not bark, will rest quietly during sessions, will not steal food, you will be with them for 100% of the time,  and clean up after them, you may be able to bring your pet.  However, you must check with camp hosts first,  as if there is more than one animal this can lead to a problem. 

Do you have camping gear I can borrow ?

No.  We do not have any equipment to lend out.  If you need help in finding equipment to camp with, we suggest you reach out to the other participants and ask a good place to find them is on facebook 

What if I need to cancel?

Our cancellation policy is as stated on the terms and conditions page of this website 

Is food included?

You are asked to bring all your own food, we provide one meal - a celebration dinner on the Saturday night which is included in the price your registration.  However, if you have very specific dietary restrictions, we may not be able to to cater for your needs.  We do offer vegetarian, gluten free options but other allergies or restrictions may not be provided for.  We do not offer refunds for the Saturday night meal if you choose not to eat it. 

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