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Our Vision:

  • Create a fun, relaxed and inclusive opportunity for both participants and facilitators to immerse into The Work of Byron KatieTM.

  • We welcome new people to The Work, and offer a place for a deepening into The Work for those with prior experience.  

  • We see the camp as a place where there is no hierarchy and everyone is both a student and a teacher of The Work.

  • We honor everyone as equal on the path of self-discovery and the end of suffering. We welcome the vast expanse of human experiences, challenges and joys. 

  • We invite the diversity of insights and awakenings that may arise from inquiry.

The mission for Camp for the Work of Byron Katie is to provide an affordable, relaxed and collaborative immersion into The Work for both participants and facilitators.

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The Camp for the Work started with an idea among a group of facilitators who wanted to create an affordable opportunity for people to learn about and experience The Work in a deep way and in a relaxed environment.

We welcome input during The Camp and give participants several options for offering feedback. Our aim as facilitators is to be actively receptive to the feedback of both participants and facilitators and to be flexible and accommodating.


Through inquiry, all are encouraged to find their own truth, whatever that is.  We aim to fearlessly question any and all stressful thoughts with openness, gentleness and boldness.

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At The Camp, there is no pressure to participate or to do The Work.  The Camp is only an invitation to do The Work with no other agenda. You participate on your own terms.

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