December 14, 2015

About The Work

The Work is a simple process, developed and taught by Byron Katie that can be used to address any situation that is frustrating, stressful or painful. It is a way to find peace with whatever is happening in one’s life.

The Work can be applied to any upsetting situation, regardless of intensity. You can use it for everyday annoyances with children, spouses, bosses, parents or co-workers. Or you can use The Work to deal with the big crises in your life such as divorce, death of loved ones, broken relationships, serious health issues, or traumas from abuse or violence. The Work is helpful regardless of the nature of the situation that is causing stress.

Some of the benefits one can experience with The Work are:

  • Forgiveness and letting go of resentments
  • Healing of broken relationships
  • A more positive outlook
  • Finding peace with others
  • Less negative self-talk
  • Resolutions of past traumas
  • Recovery from addictions


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