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Bryan Wagner

Some say that the "devil is in the details".  That is my experience. I have meditated daily for many years and benefitted greatly. But I noticed that I still lost my peace and happiness over the little, mundane happenings of life. When someone did something that I thought was unfair or hurtful, all the peace that I experienced from meditation disappeared. "He shouldn't have said that." "She doesn't like me." "I'm a failure." "I can't handle this"...It was the thousand and one little thoughts that kept me from experiencing the love and peace that I touched in meditation. My suffering was in the daily, mundane interactions of living. With The Work, I learned how to identify the "devil' in the details and find peace one stressful thought at a time.

The Work has been very pivotal in my life. Since I discovered The Work, long unresolved issues got resolved. The gorilla of self-criticism is now a much small monkey that amuses instead of abuses. I am kinder to myself and others in a simpler, unforced way. Peace of mind is happening more and more. And when there isn't any peace f mind, I know what to do with it. I take it to inquiry and I set myself free. The Work gives me a quiet confidence that, come what may, I will be fine because I now how to deal with a stressed mind.

I have personal experience doing The Work on relationships, LBGT issues, God, religion, gurus and cults, self criticism, death and dying, and the dementia of an elderly parent. I have experience working with others on issues around divorce, children, rape and incest, abuse, self-esteem and career. I am open to working on any issue. I haven't yet found an issue that is too dark, difficult or scary that can't be met with The Work and a willing mind. I find that however dark the mind gets, with The Work, that very darkness provides the stepping stones to light and freedom.

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