Spring Camp for The Work, 2017

Take time for yourself to immerse into The Work with a collaborative team of experienced facilitators.  During this Spring Camp we will identify our limiting beliefs, and question to find what is more true for us and to a more peaceful way.  We will make full use of the weekend to work with others and get support in a small group setting.

In The Work of Byron Katie we bring an awareness that as we attach to our limiting thoughts, we are argue with reality, and then live with a compromised sense of ourselves and the world.  This believing our thoughts is the cause of our suffering. As we begin to identify the stressful beliefs and isolate them on a worksheet, we start to see how this thinking shapes our experience.  This is very good news.  When we see that what we have believed causes our stress, we are able to question.  The simple process of The Work shows us this cause and effect and helps to stretch our minds beyond the same old story.

What we find is we are able to meet the reality of our lives with clarity and openness and then we may be still or may move with deeper integrity.

We invite anyone who joins us to bring both their inexperience and experience; we will adapt to the group members and what arises. Participants new to this practice and experienced are all welcome.

Friday evening, we will begin to look at the simple process of The Work by filling in a “Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet” and to begin to question the stories that cause our discomfort and distress. Summer Camp 2016 participants

We will spend the rest of the weekend, using the material of our own story to bring us back to ourselves, while we ask the four questions and consider the turnarounds. In this group setting, we will experience the process of doing The Work with time for clarification and practice. It will be a rich opportunity to find new discoveries and insights that can open us to possibilities beyond belief.

We as facilitators are excited to be offering this in depth retreat and look forward to being with you in Inquiry.

When: March 3rd to 5th, 2017

Where: Kenmore, WA (Indoor)

Cost: $195 (+$15 Saturday Dinner)

Presenter: Edie, Shawn, June Tamami

Lodging options: Optional catered group dinner Saturday evening $15. There are private rooms and a recreation room for air mattress, pad, and sleeping bag style indoor ‘camping.’

  • King bed room: $55/night
  • Twin bed room (share): $35/night
  • Sleeping bad area: $25/night

Please contact at info@campforthework.com

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