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Registration is Now Open for 2018’s Camp for The Work
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Happy Spring!!!
Camp for The Work 2018
Registration is now open for the
NW Camp for The Work!!

Summer is coming and we are all geared up for Camp again. It’s the first week in August and here is a link to our flyer. Share the fun-loving invitation with your people and register while the early bird price is still in effect- from now until July 1! As always, it will be a community of unraveling into love and we hope to see you there!
~ Your Camp Hosts

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What People are saying from last year’s camp:

“I just want to thank every single person, every facilitator that’s here for helping to so lovingly loosen the grip on those beliefs and I feel like I’ve gotten my mind back. It’s just the most liberating thing and I feel less guarded. I feel a sense of belonging wherever I’m standing.” ~Carolyn

“I’m taking away a deep challenge to really trust the free fall of life and not be afraid to let my love show. Thank you.” ~Nancy

“I noticed when I walked in, it feels like family. The invitation is there to just be me and that’s all I have to bring is just myself. It feels very free coming here. Thank you for having it.” ~Jeni

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The Work in Action

The Power of a Thought Undone
Contributed by Bryan Wagner


Many years ago, I was having a bad week or so I believed. In a week’s time, I found out that my cat, my friend, and my mother were dying. It seemed overwhelming to me.

Towards the end of the week, I found myself driving back to Pennsylvania to see my mother. As I was driving, I was unloading to a friend my sense of overwhelm. I kept saying things like, “I can’t handle this”, “This is too much” and “I am overwhelmed”. My friend, who was very familiar with The Work, was kindly listening to me unload.

After the umpteenth time of saying “This is too much” she took me off guard by asking, “Is it’s true?” She said it at just the right time to stun my mind to silence. In that silence, laughter arose and the realization that this isn’t too much at all. I was driving a car and talking to a friend. I have done this lots of times. It isn’t too much to handle. I got this one. I realized that nothing else was being demanded of me in that moment other than driving. Joyful relief flooded into me.

With the undoing of this one thought, the weight of the week lifted. My visit with my mom was uplifting and delightful. She had a stroke in her brain that left her with the mental faculties of a 4-year-old. She was a child again who didn’t recognize her son, and who saw imaginary people and animals outside her window. It was a sweet, sweet visit and at no point was it “too much”. I noticed at every step, nothing was overwhelming.

Undoing that one thought gave me a magical visit with my mom. It was one of the last times I saw her alive. That visit was a very happy memory for me. I wasn’t there the first time she was 4-year-old, but I got to see her again the second time she was a 4-year-old. Such innocence and dearness.

I am very grateful for that one thought undone. For if I believed it, I would have missed the beauty that was my mother with dementia. And I would have had a very bad week.


Q & A
Submit Your Questions

If you have any questions about The Work, Katie or her various programs & books, or the Camp please submit your questions to Edie at ediethomajan@gmail.com. We will do our best to answer them fully in our next newsletter. No question is too trivial to ask. Here is your chance to get those nagging questions addressed.!

Bryon Katie Quotes

“Peace comes by invitation only, the invitation from yourself, and if that’s your goal, welcome to inquiry. The great spiritual texts give you the what — what it means to be free. The Work is the how. It gives you a direct entrance into the awakened mind. Some people spend years trying to figure out what’s the matter with them. When you come to The Work, you don’t have to figure it out. You already know what’s the matter with you: you’re believing your stressful thoughts. You don’t even have to know which thought. You just pick the first one that occurs, and that is what’s the matter with you. And when you question you thoughts, the thing that was the matter with you begins to show up as nothing.”

Byron Katie “A Mind at Home with Itself” pg 196

Contact Information

Camp website: www.campforthework.com
General website for The Work: www.thework.com


Camp Staff Contact Information:

Tamami Fujiwara
Email: tamami@bestfriendofmind.com
Website: www.bestfriendofmind.com

Edie Thomajan
Email: edie@sesanctuary.com
Website: www.sesanctuary.com
Phone: (503) 310-3114

Shawn Sutton
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Website: www.theworkwithshawn.com
Phone: 206-383-4283

Jehrin Alexandria
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Phone: 360-489-8729

June Cade
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Phone: 206-794-2377

Anil Coumar
Email: anil@coumar.org
Website: www.coumar.org
Phone: 206-925-3158

Bryan Wagner
Email: bryanwagner108@gmail.com
Website: www.theworkwithbryan.com

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