December 11, 2015

Meet your Camp Hosts

Experienced, kind, humorous and warm meet your camp hosts…


Jerhin Alexandria 

Before finding The Work I was on a very disciplined spiritual path. After 19 years of daily meditation and focused inner work I found I still had certain thoughts that continued to bother me. I would still get furious with people who “cut me off” when driving, angry at my son if he didn’t listen to me, resented my husband if he didn’t help around the house and felt unappreciated by my employers. My life was much better than when I first began my path, but underlying feelings of unworthiness, unhappiness, resentment, anger, blame and self-hatred kept arising.

After years of various painful events, my sister in law gave me “Loving What Is” and the “Sampler” dvd of Katie doing The Work. My jaw dropped. Here was the way I wanted to live…in Action, being demonstrated by Katie.

I could feel the authenticity pouring out of Katie as I watched the dvd. I witnessed peace, love, calm and evenness in her work with others. I remember marveling at how many people felt and acted the same way that I did. I had thought I was alone, feeling unworthy, unloveable and bad, only to find I was like everyone else, simply confused, believing my thoughts.

In 2005 I went to my first workshop with Katie and started practicing regularly.  In 2009 I went to The School for the Work. It was there that I found a part of myself, that was so deep, so profoundly peaceful, loving, connected, I felt like I had finally arrived Home. This place is a beacon for me, a place I drop into and listen, it lives in my heart. As a result of the aftercare from The School I was certified in 2012 as a facilitator of myself!

The Work gave me a sane way to address the stressful feelings and thoughts that came up. Four simple questions and turnarounds, so easy to do. I now have a place to go, a way to look at stressful thoughts sanely and kindly.

My life has become much more loving and my relationship with my family, friends, work and disciplines have greatly improved as a result of this simple process.

As an added bonus I now experiences moments of great inner peace, connection, as well as an overall feeling of well-being and safety. I have not found a situation, when applied, where The Work does not work.

I have been a professional ballerina, dance instructor, certified hypnotherapist, massage therapist, and exercise/studio business owner. Currently I am a director of an arts organization as well as a professor at a university and just completing my Masters degree in Somatics.  I do fundraising, event planning, study indigenous cultures and love to eat and travel with my family.

Jehrin Alexandria



Edie Thomajan

I’ve  been practicing and sharing The Work Since 2007.  I became a Certified Facilitator in 2011.  I’m a parent to two teenage boys and was a Montessori Middle School Teacher.  I was an instructor for Outward Bound in her 20’s and I am  passionate about experiential education.

My  love of the outdoors, collaboration, and The Work combine to make the Summer Camp my favorite event.  It has been so enriching to be part of such an open group of hosts who share in this vision.  The relaxed atmosphere, and flexibility makes it a fun and supportive time for everyone. Also, simplicity and camping helps keep this event affordable and accessible.  It is a labor of love for each other, The Work and all of the joining participants.

Among the topics I have explored personally and with clients are relationships, parenting, adoption, marital hardship, as well as abortion, religion, politics, gender issues, fears, guilt and shame.  I have held clients in countless subjects and I trust The Work as a clear path to self realization with any subject matter.  I  continue to look to my limiting beliefs as the key to open an inner peace beyond belief.

I work with clients one-on-one, couples and groups, and I host a Portland area Meetup group for The Work of Byron Katie and I welcome people to join me at Southeast Sanctuary for The Work and Mindfulness in Portland, Oregon at

Edie Thomajan


Nancy Sowdon

I have been practicing The Work since 2011. I came home to it in a difficult time in my life and was supported by weekly meetings and a couple of weekend workshops where I was invited to dive deeper. Those workshops inspired me to go to a School for the Work and on. I became a Certified Facilitator in 2016.

I live in Corvallis, Oregon and I am a musician, the cello being my instrument. I have lived and worked on a small family farm for almost 20 years.  I love The Work! It put my healing in my hands. I do The Work and things change. The world does become a kinder place.

I love the Camp too. I first came in 2016 as a camper with my puppy. I look forward to it each year. What a beautiful protected feeling location, surrounded by the tall, old firs. The community that develops is deep and supportive. I love the affordability, the participants,  being a part of the staff team to give back what I have received. I look forward to each amazing camp we offer!

Nancy Sowdon

Kathy White

My journey with The Work began in 1999. It was a few short years after the stillbirth of my first child. The Work helped me to come to terms with the trauma of his death by working through many of the thoughts and beliefs I had carried with me since he died.

In those early days of The Work, there were no YouTube videos to watch, no MP3 downloads, no mainstream books published, a very rudimentary website and yet The Work had found me all the way up in the north east of Scotland in a small community called Findhorn. I subscribed to get cassettes sent to me by post which had recordings of Katie working with people and I would look forward to getting a new cassette each month to listen on my walkman.

Over the years, time and time again I have used The Work to question this “I know” mind I have. And explore and see how it constantly creates drama, creates stories, creates something out of nothing. This mind that unwittingly generates stress because of what it believes. I have experienced the freedom that comes when The Work is applied. I have seen that The Work consistently and unfailingly has led me back to peace on countless areas, topics, and situations.

A certified facilitator since 2009,  I work with clients 1:1 and offer workshops on money, relationships, parenting, meditation and The Work, clear communication, the body, yoga, and more. I have brought The Work into business and helped many entrepreneurs and business people question their thoughts and become more effective in the workplace. I offer The Work to fellow parents based on my own challenges of raising children, and set up a UK based social enterprise Joyful Parents. I am also a qualified Art Psychotherapist and have worked in hospitals, mental health facilities and hospices with adults and children.   These days I teach Yoga, continue to be a student of The Work and offer inquiry to my clients and students from all over the world.

In my life The Work has been an incredible gift. In so many ways my own life has been transformed and I see that this has affected not only me, but my children, my parents, my husband, clients, and friends – they too benefited whether they have done The Work or not, simply because I show up with more peace within and that radiates out to the people and lives around me.

And I’m no saint. I still can get pissed off, stressed out, upset, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and angry. But I know how to greet myself when I’ve fallen in a hole, and find myself feeling trapped. The Work comes like a kind and gentle touch, it has given me a willingness to embrace and love what is, even those dark places, while it also offers a tool to question the validity of why I think I’m suffering.

In 2018 I moved with my husband and two children from Findhorn, Scotland to Vancouver Island, Canada. It is my honour and my pleasure to continue serving this gift of The Work from the Pacific North West. I was a participant of The Camp for The Work in 2018 – an absolutely divine experience despite having a massive toothache I found peace!   I have co-hosted in the years since.

Kathy White
+1 (250)416 9916

John Audenfelde
The Work found me in 1996. At first I didn’t get it; it was too simple. And then something inside clicked. There was an openness to the questions, a curiosity and a willingness to allow the answers to land. That began my journey.

I traveled through a divorce, discovering through The Work that my former wife is my teacher. I raised my son, another teacher. I used the inquiry on my parents and my upbringing with the shame, alcoholism, mental illness and suicide.

I also looked at the little things: the dirty socks and the 3 extra conditioner bottles.

All of it has lead me to an understanding: that the world – as I think it – is cruel, alienating, divisive and insane; whereas the world – as it is – is kind, amazing and supportive. The mind creates a painful world and then The Work allows me to see the illusion of it.

And so I have been doing The Work ever since.  I finally became certified in 2019.

I attended my first Camp for The Work in 2019. It had everything I wanted: nature, community, kindness, fun and The Work. I felt completely at home. I am honored to be here.

I share The Work with others: one-on-one and in groups.

John Aufderheide