Feedback from 2016 Camp for The Work participants


“Based on this lovely experience I have..still right now, I’m taking away with me that the universe is abundant, generous, kind, open, full of surprises, laughter, and mirrors, beauty and support.  I will dare to take more than I did in the past.”

Seattle Dancer:

“A memory that I will take with me is last night, people singing together, a childlike experience that feels dear to my heart, and in a nuts and bolts way, a better understanding of how to do The Work.”


“What I’m taking away from this event is all of you in my heart, your stories, your willingness to be who you are, to show up and question and be vulnerable; I take you all with me.”


“One of the things I’m taking away with me is that I can trust the unfolding, what’s happening, and sometimes that’s really clear and seems natural and solid, and sometimes it feels fumbly and awkward, and I love that I get to experiment, and play around and share in this with you all and learn together what’s getting in the way.”


“What I’m taking away is gratitude for each one of you, what feels like a lived, felt experience where the giving is the receiving and the receiving is the giving. There’s just this beautiful flow that I just take in and it opens my heart. We give each other honest feedback and it’s an autocorrecting organism that flows by that honestness and working without defense and taking in and growing and it fills me with awe and inspiration to be a part of that.”

Florida Candidate:

“What I’m taking away is just a great appreciation for how each person comes to this and has something to offer and bring to me and really that sense of the universe is friendly and seeing it in the way that the food was shared and people want to facilitate one another and the contributions and so much gratitude for the team who put this together because I know it’s not a big money-making event and it’s so delightful to feel the genuine sense of service to freedom for all of us.”


“I find myself sometimes and not often enough, I forget about grace, and it’s such a beautiful thing to be held, without having to do it right and be able to flow and it seems like this has been a dream.  It is refreshing to remember grace!”


“I just have fallen in love with you all. I’m so moved by everyone’s kindness to me and each other…I’m just in love.”


“I’m so glad I came here because it’s like a new commitment for me sharing with everybody.  I feel like I got it, at least I’m in the process, and I know it works.  You all have been interesting, and I’ve learned from everybody, and I’ll be here next year.”


“So I just want to thank you for making this event and I know it takes so much work and yet it seems to flow together, to be organic.  I want to express my gratitude to everyone who opened up so generously.  It allowed me to open up.”


“The first gratitude I’d like to give is for the Earth, for the amazing cathedral of pines that I’ve been living in with all of you and the haphazard way I got here. And I end up sleeping under these magnificent beings at night and giving the most wonderful sense of love and holding me.  I thought it was just the trees until I sat here to do this thank you and I realize it was all of you; you were my mighty pines.  Thank you.”


“What I’m taking away is a gratitude for all of you.  You might not know that you were serving me, every single day, every session because The Work is not an easy thing to do.  Just asking ‘Is it true,’ can really be a harsh question sometimes.  The fact is that you never gave up and you showed up and were curious and open to the possibility.”


“When The Work is lived in a group, that just really thrills me and brings it home to me all the more.  It’s such a pleasure to share it all with you, giving and receiving.”


“Two things I want to share.  The first is that I loved how everything just flowed, how this event flowed for me.  I was afraid it was going to rain and how I would handle that.  There were no hiccups for me the entire time I was here.  Which is the other thing…  This event showed me how far I’ve come because of the Work, really, how far I’ve come.”


“Support is the word for me too.  I just did a worksheet on, ‘my puppy is going to totally disrupt the camp,’ and I almost didn’t come, and I got the sense from all of you and from Sandy(puppy) that this group has gone from being a bunch of strangers to being family and I just want to thank you all for all the support, all the love.  He knows he is safe with everyone here.  Thank you so much!”


“I’m grateful for the beautiful place.  This is such a nice place to do The Work with the weather being beautiful and swimming in that gorgeous lake, so warm, so nice.  What I feel in this group is the unguardedness of everyone.  Everyone feels like themselves, people feel totally comfortable being themselves naturally in the group and that gives everyone permission to do the same.  So I feel that and comfortable to be safe and myself and all of you create this…in my mind.  I take away a connection with people to do The Work.  And that I have a group down the road in Seattle that I can do this with.  Thank you so much for organizing this.  Because of your commitment to organizing this..thank you so much!  I love the humor too!”


“What I’m taking away is all the love I’ve experienced here these last few days.  I know a lot of that love is because you 6 people put your heads and hearts together for all of us.

Specifically, what I’m taking away is my relationship to The Work over a lot of years is really just seeing how much more there is in terms of going in.  I really went in and I really got a lot.  It really renews my belief in humanity, in myself, and I think I was ready for some renewal.  I can thank these magnificent trees that I’ve been under these days.  I thought it was going to be distracting to be outside among such beauty, it just took me all the way, much deeper….I realized the personal little piece I got is how it doesn’t take much for me to feel criticized and how important it is for people to like me and that has to do with my childhood, and I got that I can go from feeling whole inside to feeling separate and how much that has to do with believing my thoughts.  Just to get that at the emotional level, just the piece about how I do my life so people won’t criticize me.  I felt safe to drop down to the emotional place and get it; I got it.”


“There was a preplanning fluidity and a flexibility that made it seem so perfect and in the moment.  A planning and being in the moment that made it go.  For me what I’m taking away is the commitment, the group commitment that made it super powerful.  There have been so many times I’ve been in personal growth groups and had these peak experiences and then there’s a huge letdown where the connection is almost gone.  I’m quite certain that working with my partners is what’s going to keep me doing it.  Otherwise, I’m likely to just get busy with my life.  Taking away the commitment is such a huge support.”



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