August 2016 Summer Camp

Camp for The Work 2016

The Camp started out as an idea among a group of facilitators, who wanted to create an experience of The Work that is affordable and casual, in a rustic outdoor setting.  We were delighted by the moving experiences of our first camp in 2015.  Participants got to experience profound realizations and transformation through The Work.  Together, we all formed a supportive and inclusive community.

With such a great reception of last year’s camp, we are excited about this Summer’s camp.  We are going to draw from our experiences from last year and make this year’s camp even better!

Date: Thursday, August 18- Sunday, August 21

Place: Millersylvania State Park

Cost: $185 (Early Bird rate $140 before July 1, 2016)

Accommodations: Bring your own tent or reserve nearby hotel (not included cost)

Food: Bring your own, share with friends (not included in cost)

Optional catered dinner for group gathering Saturday night for $15.00 additional

What makes the camp unique

Casual Environment:  Come as you are.  No need to dress up, pretend to be anything, perform in any role or to do it right.

Work at your own pace: You participate as much or as little as you want. There will be regular meeting times with structured activities and support.  Attendance is not required.  Each day, there will be options for group work, for pairings, individual inquiry, or a break.

Supported by many facilitators: The camp is hosted by at least five facilitators who are to help you go deep with your inquiry.

Beautiful Natural Location: Millersylvania State Park in Olympia Washington is a magical summer destination with a canopy of Douglas Firs and enchanting lake.  We reserved shelters for our group that protects from weather and provides rustic comfort.  There are many tent site reserved as well.  Nearby Olympia has all the amenities including hotels for those not wanting to ‘rough it.’

Affordability:  The Camp is an affordable experience of The Work.  We do our best to keep the cost reasonable and as low as possible.

Great for people new and experienced in The Work:  The Camp provides a profound experience of The Work for people at all levels.  Everything you will need for your Inquiry will be provided, other than a willing mind (that’s on you).

Practical and experiential:  This is a hands on workshop.  You will have many opportunities to practice and get comfortable with the basics of doing The Work and facilitating yourself.

Collegial Community: We have the attitude that everyone is in this together.  Each of us is a teacher and a student.  We, as hosts, value your participation. We are here to share our experience of The Work as we invite you to share your discoveries from your work.

Adaptable program:  We are continuously open to adjust the program to fit the needs of the participants.  We always invite and consider feedback, and we aim to provide the space to help participants get what they came for.


The Camp offers 18 hours of credit for the people within the Institute for The Work.


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