December 11, 2015

About The Camp

The Camp for The Work 


When Covid pandemic eases and the Group Camp at Millersylvania reopens, we hope to host camp in person at  this August.    Stay tuned!

Meanwhile we are delighted to offer you a virtual camp for the work weekend April 30th to May 2nd 2021

The Camp for The Work started with an idea among a group of facilitators who wanted to create an affordable opportunity for people to learn about and experience The Work in a deep way and in a beautiful natural setting.

We create a relaxed, simple and open environment.  Literally and figuratively sitting around the campfire with friends. An easy schedule.  An open agenda.  Inquiry.


Participants may choose to camp in the group campsite, or stay in nearby accommodation.  The setting is in Millersylvania State Park in Washington.  We meet at the group site from a Thursday evening to Sunday Lunchtime.  With presentations and breakouts for partner work,  you can bring your stressful thoughts, your underlying beliefs, your unquestioned mind to the truth of The Work.

We welcome people new to The Work and experienced practioners.  Everyone brings something special to this unique mix of people, nature and wisdom.

Through the three days, through inquiry, everyone is encouraged to find their own truth, whatever that is. We aim to fearlessly question any and all stressful thoughts with openness, gentleness and boldness.

At the Camp, there is no pressure to participate or do The Work. The Camp is only an invitation to do The Work with no other agenda. You participate on your own terms.

It is also an opportunity for participants who are candidates in The Institute For The Work’s Certification Program to receive credits towards requirements for Certification (please note Certification is being phased out by 2022).

Your hosts are all experienced facilitators of The Work and they are present to do their own work and to support you in yours.