The Camp for The Work of Byron Katie

Mission Statement

“The mission for Camp for The Work of Byron Katie is to provide an affordable, relaxed and collaborative immersion into The Work for both participants and facilitators.”

Welcome to the Camp for The Work of Byron Katie. Our VISION for the camp is:

To create a fun, relaxed and inclusive opportunity for both participants and facilitators to immerse into The Work.

To create events where there is no hierarchy and all are students and teachers of The Work. We are equals on the path of self-discovery and the ending of our own suffering. All are invited to share their insights and awakenings from their own inquiry.

To create this open community, the camp will serve as both an introduction and a deepening in The Work, with support and opportunity for a range of experience and interest.

About The Camp

The Camp for The Work started with an idea among a group of facilitators who wanted to create an affordable opportunity for people to learn about and experience The Work in a deep way and in a relaxed environment.

We welcome input during the Camp and give participants several options for offering feedback.
Our aim as facilitators is to be actively receptive to both participant and facilitator feedback and to be flexible and accommodating.

Through inquiry, all are encouraged to find their own truth, whatever that is. We aim to fearlessly question any and all stressful thoughts with openness, gentleness and boldness.

At the Camp, there is no pressure to participate or do The Work. The Camp is only an invitation to do The Work with no other agenda. You participate on your own terms.

It is also an opportunity for participants who are candidates in Byron Katie International’s Certification Program to receive credits towards requirements for Certification.

About The Work

The Work is a simple process, developed and taught by Byron Katie that can be used to address any situation that is frustrating, stressful or painful. It is a way to find peace with whatever is happening in one’s life.

The Work can be applied to any upsetting situation, regardless of intensity. You can use it for everyday annoyances with children, spouses, bosses, parents or co-workers. Or you can use The Work to deal with the big crises in your life such as divorce, death of loved ones, broken relationships, serious health issues, or traumas from abuse or violence. The Work is helpful regardless of the nature of the situation that is causing stress.

Some of the benefits your camp hosts, past participants and others have found The Work has helped:

Forgiveness and letting go of resentments
Healing of broken relationships
A more positive outlook
Finding peace with others
Less negative self-talk
Resolutions of past traumas
Recovery from addictions

Your Team


Certified Facilitator
After years of various painful events, my sister in law gave me “Loving What Is” My jaw dropped. Here was the way I wanted to live, being demonstrated by Katie. I witnessed peace, love, calm and evenness in her work with others. I remember marveling at how many people felt and acted the same way that I did. I had thought I was alone, feeling unworthy, unloveable and bad, only to find I was like everyone else, simply confused, believing my thoughts.

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Certified Facilitator
Edie has been practicing and sharing The Work since 2007. She trusts The Work as a clear path to self-realization with any matter. Among the topics Edie has explored are parents and parenting, adoption, marital challenges and separation, as well as abortion and workplace difficulties. She works with clients one on one, with couples, and with groups.

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Kathy White

Certified Facilitator
Since 1999 Kathy has been inquiring into her thoughts and beliefs to find peace in many areas of her life including grief and loss, illness, finances, communication, business. Her love of nature and The Work makes The Camp for The Work one of her most cherished experiences.


Certified Facilitator
Nancy has been practicing The Work since 2012. She came home to it in a difficult time in her life and was supported by weekly meetings and a couple of weekend workshops where she was invited to dive deeper. Those workshops inspired her to go to a School for the Work and on. She became a Certified Facilitator in 2016.

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John Aufderheide

Certified Facilitator
The Work found John in 1996 it has been a consistent part of his life ever since. He has used inquiry on many topics big and small. Leading him to an understanding: that the world – as one thinks it – is cruel, alienating, divisive and insane; whereas the world – as reality – is kind, amazing and supportive.

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